Creation. Inovation. Art. 

Bokart is the leading Croatian company in the field of decorative glass in architecture. We are recognized as an innovative company that can tackle extremely demanding projects and deliver exactly what the client wants. Our goal is to implement and promote decorative glass in architecture, providing a wide range of designs and unique solutions. With proven and expert project managers, designers and other collaborators, and with the most modern production facility, we can offer you solutions regardless of what architectural or design challenges you are facing. We have gained rich experience through various projects, challenging design solutions, always cooperating with designers and artists. A flexible and innovative approach to solving all project requirements allows us to come up with a solution that will satisfy both aesthetically and functionally.



Decorative glass

Our passion for design has driven us to develop and provide collections of art glass solutions that are ready to go and suit numerous applications. Let us catch your imagination, flare, and ideas; turning them into unique, bold and bespoke pieces for you to make a real statement.